With all the recent flooding and high winds, the Okanagan's beaches are in need of a good cleaning.

The reason you live on the beach in the Okanagan is for enjoyment, not extra work spent tidying up the constant influx of driftwood, debris, and broken docks washing up on shore.

We are not afraid of getting wet and sandy!

At Funk n Junk, we are your personal cleanup experts and can have just about any area looking brand new within a day! A lot of stress has been imparted on homeowners, property managers, and renters alike with the recent high water levels in the valley. Let us help alleviate this issue by raking up and hauling away all your uninvited shoreline garbage and you can get back to all the pleasurable summertime activities we live in this town for.

Dismantling dilapidated docks

If your dock has fallen into disrepair or a section of wharf has floated your way, we have the tools and know-how to take it apart and haul it away!