Everyone accrues a little extra stuff overtime that builds up in the carport, basement or storage closet that they just don't have the time of day or don't know how to deal with.

A lot of times, there is not enough items for each individual to warrant a full pickup to get rid of. This is where Funk n Junk community cleanup days comes in! We work with the strata in your area to set up one or multiple designated dumping sites. Then we arrange a date for bringing rubbish out (usually a Saturday or Sunday for convenience) and the following day, we show up, sort, remove and responsibly dispose of everything. This service we provide helps rejuvenate neighbourhoods, and is an affordable option for the individual tenants, as opposed to doing separate loads per person. 

The photos here depict a very positive and successful day spent abolishing unwanted items from Millbridge Park!

The board of directors had contacted us to help rid the community of all their rubbish. We arranged to have Saturday as the bring out date, and Sunday as the pickup date. 3 "dumping sites" were designated and everyone got busy adding to the nearest piles. On "D day" we first spent time sorting and organizing the items into categories of recycling (cardboard, electronics, plastic and glass containers, lightbulbs, small appliances), scrap metal, garbage, paints, and donatable items. We then took three loads to the proper disposal sites and the suburb was squeaky clean! 

If you are interested in setting up a similar event where you are, feel free to call us anytime at (250)-317-2972 or send us an email!