The Funk n Junk truck getting loaded with demo debris.

We have the tools and expertise to take anything apart!

Whether you have an old, decrepit deck, shed, out building, pool, porch, or fence, we can dismantle and haul it away! We have the equipment for all your small demolition needs, with or without power. Using skill and reciprocator saws, crobars, sledgehammers, chain saws, and a concrete or metal blade gas axe, there is nothing we cannot chop. For larger projects, a Kubota tractor with front end loader can be of assistance, as well. 

Once the demo is complete, we clean the area and haul everything away.

Quit worrying about how you will get rid of what you have and focus on planning for your future building project! With our full service demolition and removal, you will be left with a clean slate within a day in most cases.

If heavy equipment is required for larger projects, we can arrange to have it brought onsite!​

We work closely with other business owners in our area and can have a machine delivered to your estate to make pulling down any dilapidated (and possibly infested) shack into a breeze. 

On the photos above, are a few photos of the last major property reclamation venture we embarked on

When the excavator pulls down the garage, debris starts flying everywhere. Even after we had hauled the major portions away, (this structure took 4 heaping loads to dispose of) the ground was still quite a mess. The next day, we returned to the site with rakes and brooms and took the time to make sure that the area was clean and spotless. You could eat off the remaining concrete pad! Not only do we pride ourselves on our ability to get the big stuff done, but pay attention to the small details as well. Not many demolition companies will break out the hand tools and pick shrapnel out of the dirt for an afternoon after the job!

The new owners of this land were unable to get insurance due to these unsafe structures.

There was also an ancient chicken coop, which was overrun with rodents and some big spiders! Giant mouse houses were banished this day. The smaller unit took 3 loads to haul away.