We can remove any hot tub, any size, any condition!

When the winter winds are blowing, there is no luxury quite like a hot soak on a wet, snowy day! However, over time these items are extremely prone to damage from the elements, water logging, rot, and infestation of bugs, mice, and rats alike. 

We have a pain-free method for disposing of these large, cumbersome units!

For the average, large sized hot tub, it can take up to six strong men to move it in one piece. Hiring on more people means spending more money. Luckily, we have the tools to demolish just about anything: with or without power! Armed with a gas powered circular saw, chain saw, prybars, and sledgehammers, deconstruction is in our blood! We chop everything up into manageable chunks 
(including the fibreglass basin), load it into our truck, and do a clean sweep/ rake of the area to get rid of all the pesky styrofoam chunks that go everywhere when rodents are building houses inside.

Our Method:

First, we focus on taking the wood panelling, trim, and any kind of decking from all around the outside, exposing the inner workings. Next, we take the electrical components, pump, and heaters out. Then we focus on getting as much of the piping and insulation material detatched from the inner tub, making it easier to make the final cuts on the fibreglass basin. Finally, we fire up the saws (reciprocating and skill if power is available, or our gas axe and chainsaw if it is not) and rip the middle into pieces that are easily manageable by two people. Afterwards, we thoroughly clean the area, making sure that there are no traces of us ever having been there. We are proud of our work and like to take photos, so having a spotless site is very important to us!