Sometimes, clutter creeps up slowly.

Years pass and it becomes increasingly easy to just "toss it in the shed" or "stick it in the garage". Soon enough, you have a space that is used more for storage items that frankly, you don't know or really care about. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to park the car in that garage when the weather outside is less than hospitable? Or better yet, wouldn't it be nice to have all tools neatly organized and accessible in the shed, with no need to start a virtual avalanche to unbury the lawnmower? If this sounds like a conundrum you are dealing with lately, no need to fret - we are here to help!

We have extensive experience in sorting through a hodge-podge of items and making sense of it all.

Maybe the stuff is mostly salvageable, in which case we will make sure that it is brought to the proper thrift store. Maybe it is a mix ofrecycling and refuse, in which case it will be separated accordingly. It is very important to us not to throw out things that are recyclable, still intact, or may need a small amount of minor repair to be functional once again. Sometimes, a different use can be dreamed up. We always take care to ensure that Kelowna as a city is less wasteful and try to help ease the massive influx of garbage to the Glenmore transfer station. We can only bury it for so long.